Ranking drops caused by Yoast SEO Plugin

The bug has been live since March 6, 2018. It’s a bug that affected the rankings of certain websites. Victims might have suffered “Panda-like problems” and lost search rankings as a consequence. If after march 6, your ranking have steadily dropped and you use the Yoast plugin, you might be a victim of the bug.

GDPR – What does it mean for your business?

On May 25th 2018 the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will go in effect in Europe.

The GDPR are a set of regulations that give people more control over their information.

People need to give explicit permission for anyone to use their information.

HTTPS Deadline set by Google and will show in chrome

Google has released the deadline when Chrome will begin warning users if a site in insecure. This date is set to July 2018 and Google urges publishers to upgrade to HTTPS.

The warning that will show is displayed in the image below.

Your Website & The Search Engines Part #3

In part 2 of this series we talked about keyword research. Once we have done the keyword research now we have to apply it to our website. We will discuss the places where we want to use these keywords.

Your Website & The Search Engines Part #2

You have probably heard people talk about keywords when they mention Search Engines and optimization. But what do keywords mean?

Keywords are words or multiple words that people type or speak into a search engine to find what they are looking for. The search engine will then look for websites that are most relevant to those keywords.

Your Website & The Search Engines Part #1

This is the first article in a six part series where we will explain how the search engines look at your website and what you can do to improve this progress and rank higher.

Everyone is using a search engines to look up information online. With the billions of websites online, search engines will show the most relevant websites first.