HTTPS Deadline set by Google and will show in chrome

Google has released the deadline when Chrome will begin warning users if a site in insecure. This date is set to July 2018 and Google urges publishers to upgrade to HTTPS.

The warning that will show is displayed in the image below.

Google to introduce verified customer reviews

Google is retiring the Trusted Stores program and replacing it with Verified Customer Reviews. Now you are thinking, google already has customer reviews. In a way that’s true. Users can leave reviews on a business’s Google listing which will be displayed in the search results. A better name for those would be Google Reviews.

Is your website optimized for Google’s Mobile First index?

There has been a lot of talk over the last 6 months on how Google is going to index websites. Google has made it very clear since 2015 that they are going to put their focus on mobile devices. They also have said that 75% of all searches will be on mobile in 2017.

Mobile search seperate from desktop search results in google

Google's Gary Illyes has revealed that there will be separate search results for mobile and for desktop version. The change will happen in the coming months. Google's index will be broken into a rapidly updated mobile version and a version for desktops which will not be updated as frequently.