Your Website & The Search Engines

Your Website & The Search Engines Part #3

In part 2 of this series we talked about keyword research. Once we have done the keyword research now we have to apply it to our website. We will discuss the places where we want to use these keywords.

Search Engines look at a website differently than we do. Below is a preview of what a search engine sees.


Now in order to get your website indexed correctly we need to add information in the code so that the search engine sees this. This code will not be visible on the website.

Page Title

One of the most important parts to look at is the page title. This does not necessarily have to be the title on the page. The page title is visible when you move your mouse over the tab in your browser like the image below here.



You will see a block with text appearing when you move your mouse over the tab in your browser. This is the page title. If you are optimizing for local search results it is a good idea to add the city name to the page title.

The page title will also show up in the search engines as the title. In the picture below you will see the page title in the red box.


Meta Description

The meta description is in my opinion one of the most important parts for search engine optimization. In the picture below you will see the meta description in the blue box.


If you do not use the meta description, the search engines will look at your website and analyze the first 250 characters en will use that for a description. This can sometimes be a problem. If you have a cookie warning like in EU countries and the code is loaded in the beginning of the page, then the cookie message could show up as your description. So just imagine that message showing in the blue box in the picture above.

The reason we think the meta description is important is, because no matter what text is on your website, you can put any text you want here. So you can write a compelling text here that draws people to your website. And of course you add your keyword to your meta description.

Alt Text

Alt text are pieces of text we can attach to a picture. So when you have a page with a picture on it, we can give that picture a short description. The advantage of this is that the search engines will know what the picture is about. Without it, search engines have no idea what’s on the picture. So try to always add a short description to your images.

Meta Keywords

Right now you do not want to use meta keywords. There has been a lot of discussions about whether Bing is still using it and the answer is yes.  BUT, they using it to see if someone is spamming, NOT as a ranking signal. So leave the keywords empty.