The number of hacked websites increased by 32% in 2016

As part of Google’s #NoHacked campaign, the annual review of hacked sites was released. It shows that there was an increase in the number of hacked websites of 32% in 2016 compared to 2015. They don’t expect this trend to slow down. Hackers are getting more aggressive and more websites become outdated.

Mobile search seperate from desktop search results in google

Google's Gary Illyes has revealed that there will be separate search results for mobile and for desktop version. The change will happen in the coming months. Google's index will be broken into a rapidly updated mobile version and a version for desktops which will not be updated as frequently.

Do you own your domain name and website?

You started your company and now you want a website. So you hire a company that can build you a website.

Domain name

You are going to need a domain name for your website. Most people do not know how to setup a domain name so they will let the company that will build their website register the domain name.

Google AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Google is now officially rolling out AMP pages in organic search results around the world.

Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to make the web faster for everyone. In february doubled its support for AMP by including a "Top Stories" carousel which only consisted of pages developed with AMP Technology.