Technical SEO

With technical SEO we look at a website and see how it is setup. We see if it is setup correctly on the webserver, but also look for any erros or improvements on the website

Website Check

We will scan your website for errors that are not directly visible to visitors and website managers. These items include 4xx errors, 5xx errors, mixed content, dynamic links etc. We check 40+ items on your site.

Indexing & Crawlability

We will check the indexing and crawlability of your website. This will determent how the search engines can crawl your website and index it. If there are any issues here, it could affect your ranking in the search engines.


Another check is the www and non-www versions of your website. Also whether there are issues with http and https. Other checks are the redirects and canonicals. These items can also have a great influence on your websites ranking in the search engines.


The next check is to see if the website is mobile friendly. Whether your website has issues with mixed content and double canonical urls. Iframes can be an issues to. Again these issues can greatly affect your website ranking.

Urls, Links & Images

Looking for dynamic links and too long of URLs is another important part of the check. Broken links, dofollow links, broken images and empty alt text belong in this check too. All these items can have a negative effect for your visitors but also for the search engines.


The On-Page  check looks at all the pages on your website and will check the basic SEO of those pages. It will give us a summary how are pages are setup. Which pages need work and what to look for.  


Localization is mostly for websites with multiple languages. Its important to get the settings right if you use multiple languages on your website. If there are issues with any of these items, it will influence your ranking in the search engines.

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